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Grand Magic Hotel

Client: Schroders

Location: Paris, France

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Collaborators under Moment Factory’s creative direction:

Tétris Design & Build

Collaborators under Moment Factory’s creative direction:

Maison Numéro 20


The Grand Magic Hotel offers an extraordinary guest experience, immersing visitors in an unforgettable exploration. Schroders, a global investment manager, entrusted Moment Factory to transform the Hotel’s Lobby and Grand Hall. By employing interior design, lighting, technology, precise sound spatialization, and high-quality content with over 266 million pixels, they created dynamic and ambient environments.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by Mr. Maurice, the fictional owner, who comes to life in a digital portrait above the Reception Desk. As guests explore the Lobby, they encounter ever-changing graphics that provide a glimpse into the forthcoming journey.

Throughout the day and across seasons, the hotel’s interior evolves, blending architectural effects and trompe-l’oeil illusions to create environments that blur the line between reality and the extraordinary.

As night falls, the venue’s metamorphic powers peak, as immersive content takes over the multimedia features of The Grand Hall. These illusory visuals extend to the room’s media columns and are accompanied by an original soundscape.

The multisensory adventure introduces guests to four distinct worlds: The French Garden, The Forest Pavilion, The Water Palace, and The Sky Gallery.


The hotel’s multimedia-based transformation was inspired by Moment Factory’s work in theme park attractions, and a goal of using themed entertainment to complement and enhance the hotel’s practical functions.

A primary goal was to encourage families and friends to spend time in the Hotel’s Grand Hall, where they can gather and take in dynamic content. Now, through multimedia scenography, visitors of all ages are taken on an immersive journey.

To create an immersive environment, the aim was to review the architecture of the place while "seamlessly" integrating the technological components so that they remain invisible to the guests. Create a digital layer onto the built environment and give life to an evolving story world to foster a deeper emotional relationship between people and the space.


When Schroders sought to reinvent one of its hotels with a new identity, they asked Moment Factory to collaborate on its transformation. The Schroders team wanted to bring a whole new kind of visitor experience through spectacular moments shaped by innovative technology.

The creative approach was inspired by Moment Factory’s work in themed attractions and experience adapting immersive design practices for a variety of industries. The studio’s contribution includes the creation of an original story world filled with unique animated characters and environments. Fusing lighting, soundscapes, technology, and digital content, the studio developed an experience inspired by glamorous hotels and the majesty of French castles.

A seamless layer of multimedia and spatialized sound accommodates multiple viewpoints, ensures illusion from every angle, and fosters an emotional relationship between the guests and their surroundings.

Under Moment Factory’s creative direction, Tétris Design & Build were responsible for the production and installation of the Hotel’s scenographic elements.

The decor of these reinvented spaces was taken up by Maison Numéro 20, who added vivid colour and additional elements designed to facilitate deep immersion.

Additional Information

Merging hospitality and entertainment, the hotel now offers a 360 multimedia experience positioned to engage new and returning guests throughout their stay. Hospitality ON Awards | Best Hospitality Concept, 2022 Blooloop Innovation Awards | Immersive Experience, 2022 The entire Hotel space is equipped with a sophisticated technical system: 44 Terabytes of content More than 275 million pixels of video content in The Grand Hall More than 33 million pixels of video content in the Lobby 120 x 55-inch Samsung HD LED screens 8 85-inch HD LED screens 2 HD video projectors 110 Frenetik fixtures 148 RGBW Chauvet fixtures