Grand Hyatt Manchester, San Diego - CODAworx

Grand Hyatt Manchester, San Diego

Submitted by Margaret Juul

Client: Hyatt Hotels

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $6,600

Project Team

Art Consultant

Hyatt Hotels

Soho Myraid


Lobby: Utilizing original art, formatted through Photoshop, then printed on a thin sheet of acrylic. Measurements are 20' high x 12' wide. Lit from behind, and below. Also, art prints throughout dining areas.


I wanted to bring the feel of the waterfront, where the hotel is located, into the lobby without it appearing too realistic, or straight forward.


I coordinated with Soho Myraid, in Los Angeles on this project. They have also commissioned my work for other Hyatt, and Wyndham Hotels around the globe.

Additional Information

I have had people from around the world seek me out from the images I created. Additionally, I have gained numerous clients in the area from this project.