Graceful Celestial Vernal Equinox II - CODAworx

Graceful Celestial Vernal Equinox II

Submitted by Ender Martos

Client: Charles Schwab

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team

Conceptual Development

Ender Martos

Armonia Spaces LLC

Creative Partner

Sergio Carvajal-Leoni

Tiburon Transmedia


Light interacts with the translucent material, traveling through space and time, creating a sense of movement appearing to vibrate or even twist with each step. These vibrations relate to the motion created by this high-tech corporation that emits traveling waves to carry on its own vision and values.

Material: Interior acrylic latex, monofilament, & wooden discs

Dimension: 4.5’ x 23’ x 33’


I seek to create a conversation between the art piece and the viewer when passing through the lobby. The space is inundated with natural and artificial light that interacts with eight large cylinders of brightly colored monofilaments creating shiny glares; these glossy glares contrast the adjacent matte finish mural that plays with an analogous color scheme. The juxtaposition of hues creates a harmonious effect that engages the eye as much as engages the mind.


This large-scale project involved in-depth collaboration with builders, the architectural firm on the project, and fabrication companies. This was an active conversation between these professionals that came together to make this idea crystalized into a reality.