Gotham and Beyond - CODAworx

Gotham and Beyond

Submitted by Shawn McCann

Client: Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

Location: Jordan, MN, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $80,000

Project Team


Shawn McCann

Shawn McCann Arts


Renee Wagner

Minnesota's Largest Candy Store


This 5000 sq foot vaulted dome mural was a creation for the Minnesota’s Largest Candy store location. In creating this domed space, the client wanted to create a destination and location that would be a perfect fit for the 12 life-sized super hero statues that were bought for their store. The goal was to take this blank white canvas and create something that


Creating a space that was inviting and a "wow" factor when people came into the candy store was of utmost importance. The client had purchased a dozen lifesized statues of different super heroes and need a home and space for them to reside in. This is what gave the inspiration for Gotham and beyond. A space that is comprised of some of the worlds greatest urban spaces!


The collaboration on this project was vital in keeping with the spaces demands for a epic mural, yet allowing for the space to retain its space and feel for its intended purpose, a candy store. Having to incorporate the mural with over a dozen lifesized statues incorporated meant we had to constantly create with all elements in mind.