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Gota A Gota

Submitted by ANAITTE



Location: Manati, Puerto Rico

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Anaitte Vaccaro



Prisa Group


The facade of this Casino is decorated with a painterly representation of the underwater sea.
The piece is a digital mural. Undulating blue tones of light simulate the ocean's calming movement. Projected over the animated color wash is a hand drawn mural converted into light, with imagery of underwater tropical flora and sea creatures. A prominent detail of the mural is the manatee, the sea mammal of which the municipality of Manatí was named after. A full color printed version spans across a prominent center wall inside.


Prisa Group, the company who commissioned the project, has focused on resort and residential development for over three decades and is highly regarded for its enhancement of natural landscapes and the integration of art in the communities it serves. True to their integrity, they sought to add a unique artistic enhancement to their development of the Casino Atlántico. In doing so, the building stands out significantly, a beacon of light in the surrounding darkness. The work beautifies the city area where it lives, what would have otherwise been just another insignificant, corporate structure.


The collaboration process was between the artist, the client and developer's engineering team, and the audio visual company installing the equipment. This process can be better explained by simplifying it into phases.

First Phase: Brainstorming.
After grasping the overall concept of what the client wanted to do, and working within a given budget, various sketches, mock-ups, and animatics were provided to the client for their feedback.

Second Phase: Practicality.
Once there was a favorite design selected, modifications were incorporated in order to comply with engineering and technical requirements.

Third Phase: Install.
With the final design approved, we needed to coordinate the logistics of installation. An efficient schedule was produced to have the piece installed, working, and programmed by the hotel's inauguration date.

Additional Information

Shining bright along Carr 668, is Gota A Gota, Spanish for the literal translation of 'drop by drop': the sea universe is the sum of a bunch of water drops, a Universe is built bit by bit, whole by the sum of its parts. On the far right wall of the facade, there is a pixel mapped sculpture that adds motion to the piece. This feature is a window of animations exploring themes of water. As video plays, it trickles down and around its frame, resulting in shining highlights, as light reflections would caress the surface of the sea.