Golden Ramhorn - CODAworx

Golden Ramhorn


Location: Livingston, MT, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Jessica Bodner


Pegasus flying airport

Pegasus copters llc


Commissioned for a private airport in Rural Montana, this sculpture is inspired by the Native American Bighorn Sheep and their decline due to overhunting. The Bighorn Sheep were hunted to extinction in the area and have been re-introduced in an effort to bring back this majestic animal, a symbol of strength and perseverance was also a sacred animal to the Native American Crow of the region. Painted in a glossy white with a polished gold interior that reflects golden hues in the sunlight. The dramatic landscape of the airport which is located in Paradise Valley, Montana, is surrounded by unobstructed views of the Absaroka mountains and the Beartooth mountains, “Golden Ramhorn” shines like a beacon to approaching aircraft and sits majestically against the awe inspiring landscape.


To beautify and raise awareness of the plight of the Bighorn Sheep. The client is commissioning several works to be placed thorough out the adjacent fields of the airstrip.


Hand sculpted in hand cut and woven sheet steel and bar stock. Golden Ramhorn is part of a series of sculptures to be installed on the airport. From initial ideas to models and sketches, this particular piece took a year to complete.