Golden Colorado Traffic Roundabout - CODAworx

Golden Colorado Traffic Roundabout

Submitted by Christine Knapp Sculpture

Client: City of Golden Colorado

Location: Golden, CO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $76,000

Project Team


City of Golden




Custom Monumental elk bronze designed for Golden Colorado and placed in a prominent traffic roundabout. This bronze is a tribute to the local resident elk herd and is the only known public bronze in the USA to feature the cow elk instead of the bull elk. We titled it “Protecting the Future” to embody not only the elk’s dedication to raising it’s young but also to the community’s dedication to preserving the green space that the herd has historically inhabited for hundreds of years.


My goal was to create an enduring bronze to match the vision of the local community and the City of Golden, Colorado. As a wildlife artist, I was particularly excited to design a bronze dedicated to the worthy cause of preserving the local elk herd and providing an example for future generations of the importance of local wildlife.


We worked with traffic flow specialists to ensure the safety of the installation and landscapers to enhance the entire project. In addition, I worked closely with Eagle Bronze Foundry in Lander Wyoming to ensure the structural integrity and choose a pleasing yet durable patina. As a final courtesy, I supplied the names of reputable specialists who can maintain the patina of the bronze for generations to come.

Additional Information

As always, it was a distinct pleasure to work closely with the City and with private committee members to make sure we all had the same vision. Listening to their stories and dreams made the project literally come to life!