Global Bear Hugs

Submitted by Kathleen Zimmerman


Client: Zimmerman Fine Art Studio

Location: Willington, CT, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Martin Zimmerman

Lands End Sculpture Center


Kathleen Zimmerman

Zimmerman Fine Art Studio


Kathleen Zimmerman wanted to communicate the importance of places where the wild habitat and the local community coexist. So she took an element from the wild habitat, a bear as the main design element. The meaning of the term bear hug, a powerful all-consuming embrace, connected this message with this subject matter. She used circular forms that allude to the greater world and square forms that suggest the human-made world. The rounded belly of the bear symbolizes future generations. Local wildflowers are added to tie this design to any site.


Kathleen originally designed this artwork because of her desire to give the world a much needed Bear Hug. This desire led to the development of both the digital and serigraphs prints titled Global Series - Bear Hugs and a model for a life-sized installation, Bear Hug. Both the prints and the installation work well together making promotion for this project and the creation of a visual identity for any site seamless. The serigraphic prints were hand printed on 18" x !8" paper in limited editions of 24 while the digital prints were printed on 10 x 8 paper in black and white. The plaster model is to be enlarged, cast in bronze and fabricated in either marble or cement depending on the budget. The cast element will be set on a circular base, which will be raised above a pattern of square pavers. Four round cutouts (not shown) will be planted with local wildflowers to complete the artistic statement and connect it to the site.


Since this project was originated by the artist, the collaboration process will involve finding the right venue for permanent placement. Kathleen Zimmerman will be in control of the creation of the artwork and will work with Lands End Sculpture Center in casting the bronze element. Zimmerman Fine Art Studio is backing the project, work with local contractors to fabricate and install pavers and bases besides being actively working to place this project.

Additional Information

As Kathleen developed this design, the response from those who have seen it through Facebook and other outlets, lets Zimmerman Fine Art Studio know that the world’s need for a Bear Hug is both timely and timeless.