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GLIMPSE & TOUCH / Transformative glass sculpture- smart glass- video -LED wall

Submitted by Mery Crystal Ra

Client: Feedom Gallery, Estonian Artists Association, Tallinn, Estonia.

Location: Tallinn, Freedom Gallery, Estonia

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $270,000

Project Team

Video-animation solutions

Anton Jegorov


Industry resource



Art consultant

Raivo Lott


Industry resource Bended video-glass solutions

Klaasart / Jaan Laasik



Mery Crystal Ra

Mery Crystal Ra


9 ft x 8 ft, innovative transformative smart glass-video- LED wall (from transparent to white, videoglass, bended glass elements, etched, LED light- DMX controlled transformative video-glass wall, incorporated animation / music. Sensitivity and human touch are the keywords. The installed glass panels and glass relief are used as video screens and the work is visible from both sides.
Metamorphoses from noting to something / power games in the society:
The all-seeing eye meets the glass power compactor.
Keywords: transformative glass- video- LED / bended glass sculpture/ transformativejustice / art / video / humanrights / womensrights
Flat glass, bended glass details, polished quartz glass sticks, LED light, incorporated video-animation by an artist Mery Crystal Ra.
Klaasart, in collaboration with Gauzy, helped bring to life the vision of the transformative glass and light- video art by Mery Crystal Ra.


The GLASSEYE as a metamorphic symbol a passageway into a new dimension. The all-seeing GLASSEYE meets the GLASS POWER COMPACTOR 7metamorphic war between the creativity and the brutal business world. I tried to create a corresponding space that communicates and leaves a positive expression to a visitor, and wanted to create a “synergy of place.“ How to transform the sense of place. Innovative metamorphoses during the day: sensitivity, transparency, dynamics, shifting shadows, metamorphoses from invisible to visible.


Innovative glass company Klaasart, in collaboration with Gauzy - the world leader in transformative glass walls-
(Some people call it Smart Glass, we call it LCG® (Light Control Technology) , helped bring to life the vision of glass and light- glass art by Mery Crystal Ra. Innovative new glass-video technologies. Innovative result via new video glass technologies/ light conductive glasses / light conductive clear and acid etched quartz glass rods, LED lamps projected from the backround, DMX controlled. Animations created by an artist Mery Crystal Ra. The glass relief is in permanent change during the day: changing animations, lights, colors and shadows on the walls. The same animations created by an artist Mery Crystal Ra are projected on the glass panel on the window.

Additional Information

US top art guru Rosemarie Montague-Tiesler: "Mery Crystal Ra is one of our artists we exhibited at our Art Gallery in Soho, New York in the 90tees ! She is an art world Tesla. She is the most talented and Internationally known artist of our times!" Mery Crystal Ra is one of the few women to work in the international environment of architectural glass art, participating in conferences and cooperating with various architects and engineers. Her innovative interactive glass-light-video sculptures were created for the UNESCO International Year OF Light closing ceremony 2016, European Parliament main building exhibition in Brussels, Belgium 2006 and Glaston Corporation. She’s one of the winners of the 2013 and 2014 Light In the City European light artists competition. Innovative impression is achieved thanks to her vigorous use of innovative materials and technologies. Keeping up-to-date with the research results in the glass industry gives a fresh feel and new sensitivity to her sculptures. The artist’s masterful use of the interplay of graphics and color gives a result with a unique handwriting. Website: Conference website: https://conference.merycrysta Saatchi :