Glass Concert

Submitted by John Clark



Location: Bacharach, Germany

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


John Kenneth Clark

Industry Resource

Tom Jacobs

Bullseye Glass


This is an ongoing conceptual project. I created link between music frequencies and light frequencies. Using this method I created a colour and tone for each musical note. Presently I am working this idea with glass. I had some time at the Bullseye Glass studio in Portland Oregon develop the idea into their material. We achieved a possible range of 10 octaves.


To create visually fascinating works using music as the source. As music is created in keys, when translated into glass, the colour is also in keys leading to an inherent harmony within a work. Each note on the piano has a designated colour, 12 colours, and each of these colours is transformed to create 8 octaves.


During an Artist in Residency time in Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon, I created the scale for bagpipe music. The small sample above shows simple pieces of glass placed together. However, I discovered that a far more precise method is to cut thin strips of glass and place them om edge. This allows for a deeper tone in the glass and a precise placing, in this case, of the grace notes.

Additional Information

As can be seen above, I was able to create an octave chart using Bullseye material. This system can be applied to any musical concept to create a visual representation of a piece of music. Another example here shows the fused glass placed in front of mirror adding a level of ever changing dynamism. This is fairly unlimited in its application. Ongoing.