Girlwave and Marathon Girl - CODAworx

Girlwave and Marathon Girl

Submitted by Elyse Harrison


Client: The Peripoint Building

Location: Bethesda, MD, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $20,000

Project Team


Elyse Harrison

Elyse Harrison Art


Michael Belisle Design, AIA

Michael Belisle Design, AIA

Interior Designer

Renato Parisotto

Progetti Design Studio


The metaphor of a chrysalis is appropriate to any constructional discussion or critique of this project. From within the shell of a 1920’s building, a new 3 story, steel and concrete structure was extruded. The ground floor provided ample space for large scale art which among many design considerations, was installed to accentuate the floor’s tall ceilings and airy, open spaces.


A key concern in the development of this project was maintaining the 20’ ceiling height of ground floor's original structure. A mezzanine level was designed and implemented which provided the perfect location for a long horizontal artwork, "Marathon Girl", 3’ x 9’, a counterpoint to the vertical 12’ x 4’ painting, "Girlwave", placed at the ground level.


The building’s unique geometry begins with its original trapezoidal footprint. The floor's interior design includes features such as curved counter tops, floor to ceiling rectangular bay windows and the repetitive elements of concrete stairs and curved horizontal railings. These geometric forms were major considerations in the realization of the two paintings that were commissioned for this space. Each artwork contains layers of colorful geometric patterns that serve as a backdrop for figurative imagery executed in black lines.There are many inspiring design “moments” in observing this art from high and low perspectives on the ground floor or the mezzanine, through the mezzanine railings and at night from the perspective of the street corner.