Giraffic World - CODAworx

Giraffic World

Submitted by Venue Arts

Client: MGM Macau

Location: Macau, China

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Stephen Stefanou

Venue Arts


Celesta Segerstrom

Venue Arts


Giraffic World is recreated in the MGM Macau’s Grande Praca where giant 26’H Astroturf giraffes nibble on the leaves of synthetic-glass, sapphire-blue Agapanthus blooms that grow to 41’H, while enormous 20’L Hummingbirds skinned in beetle wings and feathers sweep in for the sweet nectar. Astroturf ottomans allow visitors to sit and gaze at the magnificent display of nature.


Our goal was to create a must-see destination for the MGM Macau Hotel & Casino, and to provide another element of grand hospitality that is inviting to new guests.


Venue Arts' Creative Director, Stephen Stefanou, and his established coterie of artists, craftsmen and specialized technicians collaborated within each skill set to recreate a Girrafic World. New and unique materials were introduced for an element of surprise in transforming this architectural space into a must-see destination.

Additional Information

Venue Arts enjoys projects that rely on our imagination in creating an experience that engages the public and invites them into our playground of artful expression.