The Giraffe Project

Submitted by Dan Shaughnessy IV


Client: Steve Lauer

Location: Lake Forest, IL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Dan Shaughnessy IV

IV Productions


Steve Lauer


Thousands of Stainless Steel Pieces that would create an Adult Giraffe 18' / Baby Giraffe 7.5' Stainless Steel


To create a light and ethereal sculpture that has the shape of an adult / baby giraffe. It was crucial to come up with a design that did not hinder the view of the clients property but also displays the form of the giraffe.


The project had no outside collaboration. The project was designed, built, and installed by myself. Each Stainless Piece is formed on a wooden stump and placed in it's corresponding place. It is a long process but if done right, has the ability to convey the exact shape you desire.

Additional Information

The project was a 50th anniversary present for clients wife. It was a completely secretive project. I was chosen by the client from 10 sculptors in the Midwest.