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Ginkgo, Apiary in Lexington, KY

Client: The Apiary

Location: Lexington, KY, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Helene Steene

Helene Steene


The Apiary


Ginkgo, 8,5 x 9 feet painting on wood panels, using oil glazes with mineral pigments over marble dust, and hand cut and hand sanded aluminum ginkgo leaves, installed in the stunning Apiary events facility.


Ginkgo was not a commission, but was painted first, and the owner of the Apiary saw the finished piece, and felt they had the perfect wall for it, which they did. The owner wanted to use as many local artists as they could. The piece at the Apiary led to a commission, 46" x 270" to be finished August 1, 2016 for the hospital at the University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY


Helene Steene was the designer and artist creating the piece, and the crew working at the Apiary at the time were wonderful with the installation, and lighting etc. It was a pleasure working with everyone at the Apiary and with John Stephen Hockensmith, the photographer.

Additional Information

The piece can be seen from the street, through the gate and part of the garden. Glows when lit up at night, but is also shimmering during day light as a large glass wall leads in to that particular spot. The sanding of the metal allows for changing reflections due to light source, which makes the piece very much alive and to a degree and extension of the outside garden, with the ginkgo leaves floating on water.