Get Out/Get In

Submitted by CLB Architects


Client: Teton Village GLOW Nights

Location: Jackson, WY, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Leo Naegele

CLB Architects

Bryan James

CLB Architects

Reed Duggan

CLB Architects

Eric Logan

CLB Architects

Hughes Production


Willow Creek Woodworks Inc.


“Get Out/Get In” was created for GLOW Nights at Teton Village. This is a month-long “must see” exhibit of original art installations that use colored and white light as a medium to celebrate the unique phenomena found in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE).


It has been estimated that 90% of visitors to our National Parks never leave paved roads and many of those who do rarely stray more than 100 yards from their vehicle. "Get Out/Get In" encourages people to "get out" of their car, house, routine and "get in" to new and unexpected experiences. To immerse oneself in our surroundings is to understand them, to skirt the periphery is to deny oneself the countless wonders concealed within.

Additional Information

GLOW Nights is produced by Jackson Hole Public Art. GLOW Nights artists draw inspiration from the megafauna, calderas, hot springs, and dramatic vistas that inspire.