George Sim Community Center

Submitted by Elizabeth Devereaux


Client: Sacramento Metropolitain Arts Commission

Location: Sacramento, CA, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team


Elizabeth Devereaux

Devereaux Architectural Glass

Industry Resource

Owen Gabbert

Devereaux Architectural Glass


Mark Schatz

Field, Paoli Architects

Public Art Agent

Shelly Willis

Sacramento Metropolitain Arts Commission


A large geometric field of hand blown glass, clear bevels, and Kiln-fired gold luster surrounds the beveled circle. Within it is a woven glass tapestry of many colors. The tapestry is symbolic of the many diverse ethnic groups woven together, all members of this Sacramento Community Center.


After considering several areas, the architect and I decided upon the place for the art glass. Since it was in the entry and seen from the outside both day and night the window needed to both represent the diverse community (“Tapestry”) to the neighborhood, and be a beacon for the community.


It also had to allow ample light (facing north and no direct light) into the space inside. The addition of gold luster and bevels, gave the window a rich play of both projected prismatic light in the interior, and reflected light at night. All of these collaborative decisions took place with the architect, and were then approved by the Arts Commission.