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Earth Like

Submitted by Christopher Owen Nelson


Client: Corporate Client

Location: Houston, CO, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Christopher Owen Nelson

Landscape Architect

ID Sculpture

ID Sculpture


This sculpture is a permanent cubic shaped geode that is made of stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced concrete, and cast glass tiles. This piece is 65" high x 52"wide x 96"deep, and was made in 2015. Representing the beauty and bounty of the earth and land itself. It showcase the element of light and illuminates the different colors of the earth. During the day, as the sun shines, the light reflects off of the glass making a subtle and beautiful beacon. There is a light installed into the structure so the glass will also illuminated at night.


My grandfather was a mining engineer and spent most of his life travelling the globe. Geology runs through my family’s history. I find them to be little “gifts” that nature has wrapped up and saved for us to crack open and discover; so simple, yet so powerful. The idea that something that looks so plain and ordinary on the surface could be filled with such incredible beauty is the same as the concept in my collage work. There is so much more written beneath one’s face than we could ever see on the surface. There is so much more than we will ever know, but just to know that it is there; that is what is truly important and fascinating to me. A typical geode has rounded and variable shape. I want to create geodes that are geometric in shape. I have a curiosity with man’s obsession with taking things that are perfectly beautiful, and trying to make them better, at all costs, even if it is not possible. Geode’s are already perfect…people are already perfect. The drive to re-create things in our own way is both a bizarre, and an incredible part of the human psyche.


I worked with ID Sculpture to create this Geode, Earth Like. ID Sculpture combines old world sculptural techniques with modern digital. This gives us the power to realize virtually any theme or form. IDS’s marriage of digital fabrication and handcraft results in pieces that are both accurate and rich in textural detail.
Many of our projects started out as hand sculpted models. We also make use of
3-d laser scanning to accurately capture forms and the design intent of our
clients. We use sophisticated “haptic” modeling software and visualization
techniques to test our concepts 3-dimensionally. Once the piece is right, we use

Additional Information

This piece is installed at a corporate client's office in Houston, Texas.