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Gensler San Diego

Submitted by Gensler

Client: Gensler

Location: San Diego, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $3,000,000

Project Team




Industry Resource

Dempsey Construction


To redefine workplace design in San Diego, Gensler breathed new life into a dated, hermetically sealed, legacy office space. The new office features a large gallery area, that opens up to an outdoor plaza and park, and is connected through a central stair which leads to a mezzanine and the second level. As you enter the space you are welcomed by a large art feature named “Urban Extrusions.” The piece is an abstracted axonometric view of urban San Diego designed from reclaimed curtain wall extrusions of the existing building façade.


It was Gensler’s goal to create an office of culture, craft, and community. A gallery space is located at the most visible corner of the building and was designed to be used for everything from large events, speaking engagements, to a space where local artists can showcase their work. To reinforce the company’s mission of craft and community, the design team carefully created “Urban Extrusions” from reclaimed curtain wall extrusions of the existing building façade. The art piece is visible to the community at large through the firm’s glass façade and is the main welcoming visual at the reception area.


“Urban Extrusions” was a collaboration among multiple staff members within Gensler. The team disassembled the existing façade, planned the design, and built and installed the art piece by hand over the span of several months. The team worked together to figure out how to best re-utilize every piece and material from the existing building, to ultimately craft a unique, eye-catching, dynamic, thought-provoking art installation.