Generator Paris - CODAworx

Generator Paris

Submitted by Kriss Communications

Client: Generator

Location: Paris, France

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Anwar Mekhayech (Creative Director)





Jean-Jacques Ory

Studios d'architecture ORY & Associés


You Talking to Me


Romain Guillet


Alex Fowkes


Ludovic Le Couster




Generator Paris is the newest location in Generator’s quickly expanding chain of distinctive and eclectic urban design hostels. The property follows Generator’s universal concept of affordable and design-driven accommodations in prime locations, with an emphasis on a wide range of vibrant social spaces. Accommodating up to 916 guests in a range of shared rooms, twin rooms and penthouse rooms with private terraces—all with private en-suite bathrooms—this is the largest Generator property to date.


Like with any Generator project, we really try to infuse our design ideas and direction into the local community, and adding art elements into the project in different ways helps to add that layer. In Paris I have always loved the emerging street art and wanted to find someone that was currently in Paris creating a buzz. When we met Ceizer (and I knew his fashion label from Amsterdam), I thought that he would add a poetic touch to the lounge. Same goes for the desire to have photography integrated somehow - working with Ludovic to capture some iconic locations in an artful way on the lift lobbies made sense. This idea was actually proposed by the architect and we ran with it.


Conceptually, we pitch ideas to the client that we come up with or that the team develops (same example as above, with the lift lobby photography by Ludovic). It is always a long process that develops over time. Some projects don’t work out, some morph as we go and others turn out exactly as we designed or envisioned them (for example, the light plant installation that is in the reception in front of the mural, with Seletti light sticks and Lucille macrame plant hangers from Berlin-based collective Llot Llov.). We love engaging artists, showing them the design direction, giving them an idea of what we had in mind and then letting them run with it. We’ve done that in all Generators to date. Sometimes artists get involved later in the process after Generator opens, such as through competitions or residencies, as well.

Additional Information

Generator Paris will be a great platform to showcase the design and art used in the project, and will evolve over time. Since there will be upwards of 900 guests on any given night staying there, we anticipate that the journey and experience will be very exciting.