Generator D.C.

Submitted by Studio 11 Design



Location: Washington D.C. , DC, United States

Completion date: Jan 01, 2020

Project Team


Kellie Sirna

Studio 11 Design


Stacy Elliston

Studio 11 Design

Associate Principal

Greer May

Studio 11 Design

Creative Director & Stylist

Josh Gregg

Lou Verne

Artist & Stylist

Christy O'Neal

Lou Verne

Interior Designer

Victoria Denny

Studio 11 Design

Interior Architectural Designer

Catherine Davis

Studio 11 Design

Interior Designer

Jillane Tatarian

Studio 11 Design


Located in the heart of Washington D.C between Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle, Generator Washington D.C. boasts the brand’s signature elements: ultra-comfortable private rooms and brilliantly designed shared accommodations. The brand’s newest property is designed with Washington D.C. business travelers in mind, incorporating more private rooms than any of their existing properties, 376 beds in 148 rooms. Studio 11 Design led the multiphase renovation of the property, beginning with the debut of the Guest Rooms. Studio 11 Design sought to develop a narrative for the Guest Rooms unique to the brand with a locally-inspired twist. The designers worked closely with the firm’s sourcing, styling, and art curation vertical, called Lou Verne, to bring to life a first-of-its kind concept for the guest rooms, establishing the property as an arbiter of experiential design for years to come.


The design of Generator D.C. offered a significant opportunity for the firm to help define a hotel category that feels fresh and exciting to the U.S. market. To that end, Studio 11 Design set to work transforming the property through artwork to appeal to the creative globetrotter.

In the Shared Guest Rooms and Typical Guest Rooms, abstract blue and gray flooring complements the comfy-cool furniture as teal and orange accents add unexpected pops of color. The effect is extended with lush draperies, overstuffed headboards, and cozy seating in a palette of natural wood, rich jewel tones, and pops of cheery yellow. Studio 11 Design employed thoughtful touches to conserve space including sconces mounted on the headboards, petite yet modish lounge chairs in rich velvet blue, and sculptural stools that double as art pieces. An ultra-minimal aesthetic was chosen for the Shared Rooms with a few glamorous necessities: rounded floor length mirrors, blackout drapery, and luxe patterned throw blankets. Different embellishments by local graffiti artists throughout each room lend a distinctly D.C. touch.


Studio 11 Design’s styling, curation and art vertical, Lou Verne, lent their expertise to the project, sourcing innovative artistic additions that pay homage to the neighborhood’s DNA, while incorporating an attitude that is distinctly Generator. Lou Verne created 747 pieces of guest room art that evoke a twist on politicians of bygone eras. Lou Verne embellished political portraits from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries with an emphasis on gentlemen with intriguing backstories.

Mimicking the original painting styles, Lou Verne created entirely new works, each one sharing a different spin on a classic narrative. One work of note includes the ubiquitous image of Thomas Jefferson superimposed with a painting of a mistress’s manicured red nails holding a cigarette. The Signature Suite features artwork with a similar feel and a specific focus on Abraham Lincoln. The subject matter of the art coupled with Lou Verne’s approach resulted in a concept that brings to life the city’s intriguing history. Through the design of the uniquely configured guest rooms and the unexpected direction the firm and their artists took, Generator D.C. brings to life a new breed of a hotel experience for the city.

Additional Information

Generator D.C. continues the brand’s tradition of establishing itself in the most sought-after stretch of its respective city. The property’s central location allows guests to hit the ground running in one of the world’s most electric cities in the heart of U.S. global politics, business, finance and education. Studio 11 Design and Lou Verne set to work bringing that ethos to life in every way, beginning with the guest rooms.