General Eisenhower - CODAworx

General Eisenhower

Submitted by Michael Curtis

Client: Norfolk Southern

Location: Alexandria, VA, United States

Completion date: 2004

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team


Michael Curtis


Jim Roberts

City of Alexandria


Commissioned by Norfolk Southern for Eisenhower Circle, Alexandria, Virginia.


Contiguous with Old Town, the newly designed, newly constructed Carlyle Development is Alexandria's economic engine with a combo of private and public interests including the US Patent and Trademark office, the Inventors Museum, the Carlyle Club, et cetera. Carlyle's southern border is Eisenhower Avenue, where, at the circle, the Eisenhower statue is, for a time, located. With the completion of the Eisenhower Plaza, at the Eisenhower Metro station, the statue will be relocated and enhanced with an elaborate cartouche.


The artist, Michael Curtis is a classically trained painter (buon and secco fresco, etc.), sculptor and architect, so he designed the statue, the base, the footing, and site details. When moved to the intended location at Eisenhower Plaza, Curtis will coordinate statue placement with city architects Roberts, Cox, et alia.