Location: Kunming, China

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Interior Designer

Ajax Law

One Plus Partnership Limited

Interior Designer

Virginia Lung

One Plus Partnership Limited


This project is located in Kunming, which is located in the Yunnan province. One of the most famous natural sights in Yunnan is the ‘Stone Forest’, which is a notable set of limestone formations.

‘Stone Forest’ has inspired the designers for this Stone Forest Pavilion. It is constructed by many rectangular orange frames. The designers first came up with a rectangular box as a single unit, then used this fixed unit as the basic element to build up various forms and structures. The pavilion was built in the green area of the square. Throughout history, the pavilion as an architecture also serves as an interactive space for people’s gathering and leisure. The designers hope that it can be a small yet intimate social space for people to rest or hold a small live performance. The rectangular frames were staggered in various heights, deliberately imitating the natural forms of Yunnan Stone Forest. The combinations of different degrees of arcs and staggered heights create a strong visual impact. People can roam freely through the pavilion and make new discoveries inside this ‘Stone Forest’.


Handmade tie-dye cloth from Dali, Yuanna, are hung on the crossbars at both ends of the pavilion. Tie-dyeing originated from the central plains area in ancient China over 1,000 years ago. The process of dyeing tapestries and clothing is done using only natural dyes and fabrics and almost entirely by hand. The designers would like to remind people about this traditional craftsmanship as this heritage is increasingly lost amid massive development projects and urbanization. The designers wish that it can jog people’s memory of the value of preserving this centuries-old tradition, and although at risk it is hoped that the problems will be solved so this tradition continues to be passed on, and to develop.

Additional Information

The client would like to advance the artistic vibe of the original office building so as to attract more tenants from the creative and cultural industries. In the beginning, the client asked mainly for art sculptures. But we thought that building a pavilion which could bring more people together would be more meaningful. We hope that people will linger and enjoy the space. It can be used for people’s gatherings, e.g. mini concerts, band shows. An art piece that is ‘functional’ is better than just a sculpture. People like staying here after it’s built. The concept is closely related to Kunming’s local cultural elements (stone forest and tie-dyed). As this building is very eye-catching, it can easily draw people's attention from afar - no matter if people are driving past or walking by. Also, This pavilion is easy to execute - a rectangular box as a single unit to build up various forms and structures; tie-dye cloth is easy to source. It provides an outdoor space for staff to gather. The tie-dyed will be worn out naturally by rain and sunshine, which turned it into a ‘living’ art piece. We hope that it can remind people about the precious heritage.