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Submitted by Nefa Architects


Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Nefa Architects

Nefa Architects

Overview is one of the oldest news agencies in Russia.
Business goal. The challenge was to create a comfortable and multifunctional work space for a journalists' team that included areas for different activities – zones for concentrated work along with various meeting and social spaces.


The portal`s reports cover a wide range of news: politics, style, auto news. Architects decided to show the scope of information the agency reported using only one color- White. Graphic black accents on the floors and windows create an image of a newspaper page or an information web-site.


The interior is made up mostly with custom furniture produced in local workshops according to the architects` sketches.

Additional Information

The whole publication process is very fast so the speed of communications between different departments is extremely important. That`s why working desks are placed in an open space. The chief editor`s and his assistants` cabinets are located right in the middle of the editorial office for the convenience of communications and information transfer with all the departments of the news agency.