Submitted by Zenos Frudakis


Client: Private

Location: Chester, PA, United States

Completion date: 2008

Project Team


Zenos Frudakis

Industry Resource

Apex Piping Systems

Industry Resource

Laran Bronze Foundry


A 45 foot high stainless steel abstract sculpture, including a 2 foot high granite stone base.


"I wanted to create in a large, abstract design a sculpture that expresses a portal into ascendancy. I designed it to be seen from any perspective. It's an anthropomorphic piece: it has two legs, a body (represented in the shape of a DNA molecule) and a head." - Zenos Frudakis, Artist


"I made several small models of this work, creating each one larger than the previous version as my concept for the work evolved. The engineers and fabricators at Apex Piping Systems enlarged my engineer-structured 6 foot high model to the sculpture’s current height." - Zenos Frudakis, Artist

Additional Information

This work of art is available for sale. Can be presented as is or with additional bronze elements. For inquiries, contact Rosalie Frudakis at [email protected] or call Frudakis Studios, Inc. at 215-884-9433.

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