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Gate of Light for King Minos

Submitted by Gosia Koscielak

Client: Mamidakis Hotels of Greece

Location: Aghios Nikolaos, Creta, Greece

Completion date: 1993

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Gosia Malgorzata Koscielak


Gina Mamidakis

G & A Mamidakis Foundation


Gate of Light for King Minos, 1993


This sculpture is commissioned by the Mamidakis Hotels of Greece in Aghios Nikolaos, Crete. The goal was to integrate sculpture with hotel environment, gardens and the historical sites of this beautiful island of the Mediterranean. My idea of creating fountain that will have nice and calming influence on hotel visitors had an esthetic, environmental and educational aspects. My choice of the form and material for this sculpture was inspired by the ancient style of Minoan civilization which famous example of Knossos Palace is main tourist attraction on the island. Connection between 3 natural elements: light, water and stone are representing all major elements of local, Cretan landscape. The waterfall inside the stone gate, catching sunbeams through out the system of mirrors is creating afterimages and rainbows bring positive and good atmosphere and energy of space. Entire composition with its simplicity and grace connects visitors with the ancient past and mythological sites of Greece.


Sculpture was created and designed by me. Building of the sculpture on the site was made by the Aghios Nikolaos professional masonry contractors.