Garden of Eden Stone Mosaic

Submitted by John Clark


Client: The Catholic Diocese of Kericho

Location: Kericho, Kenya

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


John Clark


The Catholic Diocese of Kericho

Industry Resource

Githaka KaruriI


The project is a 130 ft x 6ft 6in, therefore 845 sq/ft, 40×2 mts , 80 sq/mt, natural stone mosaic for the new Sacred Heart Cathedral in Kericho, Kenya.


The mosaic is on the wall facing the entrance of the building and visually leads the eye from the separate Bell-tower to the Chapel. It is what you see when you leave the building, if you haven't noticed it on the way in. The Theme is the Garden of Eden, appropriate as Kericho is situated at the end of the Rift valley, considered to be the cradle of mankind. It was part of the integration of Kenyan artists into the project as a whole.


The project was a complete collabouration between myself as Designer and a group of Kenian Rastafarians, led by Githaka Karuri who are based on an a small organic domaine in Maragua, about 80miles from Nairobi.
I created the design and full scale drawings for the project and taught Githaka and the group how to use granite and other stone offcuts locally procured, to create this work. After the initial phase of instruction the work was entirely made by the group.
The names of the group of artists are, Githaka Karuri, Wambui, Muchina, Muiruri, Wandutu, Kimutai, Abasa.

Additional Information

This is a short video showing the installation of the work. the password is kericho