Galleon of Naples - CODAworx

Galleon of Naples

Submitted by Sandra Priest

Client: Nair

Location: Naples, FL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $224,000

Project Team


Sandra Priest

Art By San Murals and Paintings on Canvas

Interior Designer

Anne Smith

Anne Smith Designs


These are but only three areas of my favorite paintings in this 30,000 sq. ft. mansion in Naples, FL as the sole artist on the project. 1100 sq. ft. was created on canvas and the the 32 ft. high dome/barrel foyer was painted directly on the ceiling for a total of 1550 square ft. of original designs in acrylics and gold/silver leafing.


I have worked with this client over the past 14 years, creating some of my most elaborate works. They love to work with a commissioned artist such as myself, knowing I can bring their ideas and mine together to create a harmonious atmosphere. This is the second mansion of theirs I have had the pleasure to work on. I have learned how to blend all aspects of each area for the mood of the room they are looking for. I created their grand entryway to welcome all who enter, delivered a delicious ceiling in the dining room for all to feast their eyes upon, whereas all who sit around the table can have a realistic view by painting some of the birds upside down. Then I recreated their many travels and homes they have lived in from around the world, with a conversational piece of nine different countries in the great room coffer panels. Finally, not shown here, I created a ceiling with private, spiritual paintings in their home temple overlooking the mouth Naples bay to the Gulf of Mexico.


I first met with my clients and agreed on each ceilings concept of design and detail. Having worked so well with them on one year projects in the past, they trusted me enough to know I would deliver to them what they need. My second set of meetings were with the builder and his property managers, drywall supervisor, interior designer and the head architect. Because this home was under new construction, we went over all the blueprints and discussed timetables on when each area would be complete so I could judge which paintings had to be completed first on canvas and installed in a timely manner. I worked for several months on site, with drywall, painting and trim contractors. We all had to have a plan for different paintings called for very smooth surfaces and moldings installed. The interior designer and I worked very well together with keeping in close contact with one another on all colors and designs.

Additional Information

I had one of the best experiences ever on this project. I respect all those around me in any process for I could not do this alone. I take pride in making friends as I go along, admiring others work also. There were approximately 70 people in this home for many months and I never experienced such positive comradeship before. I actually feel that my artwork came out better because of the trust of my clients in me and the warmth and welcoming from all the other men and women on the job, working hard.