Galaxy Mirror Collection - CODAworx

Galaxy Mirror Collection


Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Abby Modell

Abby Modell Contemporary Art Glass

Public Art Agent

Ann Priftis

Clark Priftis Art


Hand-blown art glass assemblage
6’ H x 10’W
Sculptural glass canvases, inspired by the natural swirling formations of the infinite night sky in vibrant color palettes. (Hand-blown art glass, cut, polished and assembled on framed mirror. Mirror reflects the surrounding environment- Each Mirror Assemblage 4'W x 6' H.)

Additional Information

My work is inspired by the Galaxy, its infinite dimensions and cosmic reflections. With an eye on translucent qualities within each glass object, I am influenced by natural forms and glistening rays of light. Using mirrored finishes, I add depth to my work and intrigue the viewer with infinite perspectives. I approach each creation with a non-traditional use of color and form, bringing each glass design into the future, with no boundaries.