GALAXIA Stairwell Foyer - CODAworx

GALAXIA Stairwell Foyer


Client: Burien WA Private

Location: Burien, WA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Julie Conway

Illuminata Art Glass Design


Burien Client

trade show display

IDS Vancouver Canada

IDS Vancouver

interior designer

Yuendi Mak

Yuendi Design


Floating in space created from heavy blown glass and steel over 3 story atrium foyer. Coordinated with steel and glass staircase for a wow factor. 7 globes 18″ diameter are oversized to fill the space and catch the light. Cylinders of perforated metal create patterns on the wall.


The goals were to incorporate the steel stairs and glass plate railing with a large-scale lighted functional artworks. The oversized glass globes look like they are floating -- but they are quite heavy in real life. The pattern of perforated metal makes pattern of light and shadow on surrounding walls.


The clients and the designer and I worked very closely to design the rooms around the custom art glass lighting collection. The 3-story chandelier sets the stage as you enter, and then also see the statement glass dining chandelier. The powder bath off the kitchen also has a glass element all incorporated in the furnishings and finishes of the house. As you travel up the stairs, the cluster pendants is also seen from the top of stairs where the bathroom has a newly designed metal mesh lighting element. All components create an integrated lighting collection that meshes as one moves from room to room.