FutureWATERS|AGUASfuturas - CODAworx


Client: Friends of East Boston Greenway

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $9,000

Project Team



University of Massachusetts Amherst

Landscape Architect

Robert Gilmore

Gilmore Landscape Architecture


FutureWATERS|AGUASfuturas was a hand-made installation that visualized the projected 1% annual chance flood expected on the East Boston Greenway in 2030 and 2070. Inspired by the water’s surface, the installation used motion sensors to activate solar-powered lighting to evoke the sense of displacing water as one moves through the greenway. Additionally, spheres with thermochromic pigments changed color, from blue to pink or blue to purple, when temperatures reached the projected highs for November of 2030 or 2070.


The goal of this project was to engage the diverse population of East Boston with the difficult topic of climate change and the local effect on their neighborhood. The installation also had to be placed without disturbing the site or its function as a public park.


I worked closely with scientists to better understand and depict flood levels for the area. This information was translated into a simple installation that could be built by students and members of the community. Collaboration with the client and the Boston Society of Landscape Architects, ensured the project could be permitted, installed and displayed in the community.

Additional Information

The project was very innovative in the visualization of flood levels and of rising temperatures, creating an engaging environment that captured the public's attention. Due to its very small budget, simple materials and construction techniques were used.