Future Tree - CODAworx

Future Tree

Submitted by Chin Hsiang Hu


Location: Taipei, Taiwan

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Hu Chin Hsiang

Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Inc.


Chang Li Li

Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Inc.

Interactive Programming

Chang Zhao Qing

Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Inc.

3D Animation/ Concept

Lee Yu Hao

Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Inc.

Visual Programming/ Concept

Chen Tzu Liang

Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Inc.

Projector Manager/ Concept

Lin Ying Li

Peppercorns Interactive Media Art Inc.


Han Cheng Yeh



As each new year begins, people reflect on whether they have grown in the past year. There have been times of effort, hardship, unhappiness, but certainly, there were also moments of happiness, pleasure, and hearty laughter. These are all important nutrients for becoming a better self.

What are your expectations and hopes for the future? In front of you are five wish trees surrounded by lights, each representing a different type of wish: family, wealth, love, career, and health. You can approach one of the trees and scan the QR code around it to enter the Future Tree World. There, you can plant the seeds of your wishes for your future self and collect light to water them. The light stream symbolizing your wishes coming true will lead the wishes of the crowd to the Future Tree!

All the wishes made will become the unending nutrients for the Future Tree. As you approach, the Future Tree will project your future self. Along with the Future Tree full of love and hope, this will be recorded, saved, and sent to a virtual art gallery. You can look back and record the present, and in the future, reflect on whether the hopeful self of the past has become as you had envisioned.


Creating a 13-meter wide and 6-meter high outdoor TV wall, and featuring outdoor projections and LED lights within a 13-meter square space, audiences can make new wishes through their phones and then see their digital avatars.