Frolicking Foal – Life-size bronze Foal

Submitted by Mary Sand


Client: Cecelia Stewart - Oak Meadows Farm

Location: Edgemoor, SC, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $18,700

Project Team


Mary Sand

Mary Sand Studio


Cecelia Stewart

Oak Meadows Farm

Industry Resource

Artworks Foundry

Artworks Foundry


Frolicking Foal was commissioned by Cece Stewart, a longtime collector of my work. Ms. Stewart breeds warmblood dressage horses and wanted something to reflect her passion for breeding. I presented her with a photo of a playful foal rearing and we both agreed that it would make a nice life-size sculpture for her farm. The sculpture was installed at a fork in the road that divides her home from her barn and welcomes all visitors to her farm.