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Fresh Perspective

Submitted by Christine Barbour

Client: Mr. & Mrs. Covington

Location: High Point, NC, United States

Completion date: 2011

Project Team

Interior Designer

Anne Barnhardt

Barbour Spangle Design


Christine Barbour

Barbour Spangle Design


This young family of four was looking to create a bright and happy kitchen. The room – centrally located to all other family activities – received a complete makeover including the removal of a wall to create a built in banquette for family dinners and homework. Overall, the design was intentionally neutral to create a calm pleasing affect and allowing the beauty of the nature outside to take center stage.


From the beginning of layout design, there was one particular wall that we knew we would want to do a piece of artwork on to create some energy and bring in color to the room as well as highlight the landscape beyond the home which was visible through the adjacent windows. The client had seen the work of a particular artist that she really loved so we created a wall that - during the course of the renovation - we referred to as the "art wall". Upon completion of the renovation the artist was called to commission a piece that could unify the design and colors - bridging the neutral room with the surrounding rooms as well as add personality to the kitchen. This client's home is architecturally traditional yet she tends to love influences of modern elements for a layered and "not too stuffy" look. The artwork by Libby turned out to be the perfect unifying element.


The homeowner, with the designer's help, contact the artist directly to convey what she was looking for which was a impressionistic landscape - not too perfect but not too funky. The homeowner was confident she knew the specific subject matter however the designer was involved in final size and color selection/modification to get the outcome just right.
In the end - when we hung the piece on the wall - the homeowner was delighted. Stepping back and taking a look, it truly was the ideal piece in the just the right spot.

Additional Information

Awarded North Carolina Kitchen of the Year ~ 2012