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Fractional Art Kit – for Museums and Galleries

Submitted by Alice Aron Shapiro

Client: Smart Gallery

Location: Kinston, NC, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $1,350

Project Team

Digital Artist

Alice Aron Shapiro

Alice Aron Shapiro


Raney Rogers

Smart Gallery


1 digital artwork, 9 sections, 362,880 combinations. The original plus sections each measure 5 x 7 inches. When framed in plexiglass and placed on a wall as a grouping the 9 sections can be rearranged to make completely new designs. Wall space needed is approximately 30 x 40 inches. In addition to being an interactive enjoyment, the kit is accompanied by a document about art collecting showing how Fractional Art helps new art collectors identify composition, juxtaposition, and more. The Fractional Art Kit is best used by curators and galleries during exhibition openings and art talks as audience participation and educational enhancements. The kit is delivered by high-res print-ready PDF download.

Dante’s Inferno (above image) as Fractional Art originally appeared in Athens, Greece in 2022 at a hybrid art exhibition event on a screen inside the gallery. The Holy Art Gallery retains the artwork files in a registry available to gallery visitors. This led to an invitation by Circle Arts Foundation contacting me to participate in their online platform. I subsequently received A Certificate of Artistic Excellence from Circle Arts Foundation for two different digital artworks.


Commissioned artwork at an affordable price was an integral concept for the Fractional Art Kit so that curators and gallerists can match their intended exhibition with a relevant looking artwork at $1000. By providing a ready-made design (Dante's Inferno) curators and gallerists can choose the ready-made for immediate interactive use at their current and upcoming exhibitions. Commissioned digital artwork can be ordered for an additional $350.


Simple download from my website. For commissions, artist contacts the client to determine details.

Additional Information

The first public appearance of Fractional Art in a U.S. gallery takes place during the Art Talk on June 15 at the SMART Gallery, Kinston, NC. "Dante's Inferno" (above image) Fractional Art will be a part of the exhibition May 1 - June 30 and available to gallery visitors to interact with.