Four Seasons


Client: Tusk Winery

Location: Oakville, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $625,000

Project Team


Mario Chiodo

Chiodo Art Development


Juan Carlos

Signum Architecture


Passionate figurative depictions of the Four Seasons were sculpted onto the walls of luxury caves in Napa Valley at a private estate. The client travels extensively to French winemakers and vineyards and wanted to recreate the feeling of centuries of fine wine and Fine Art in his modern entertainment facility.


The client requested four Classical artworks that embellished the interiors of the caves and gave his visitors an enhanced artistic experience while savoring the new wine releases. The four deep bas-relief medallions were sculpted seamlessly to the curved walls. I began by creating 1/3 scale models of each medallion to communicate with the client and the construction crew. My goal was to pay homage to the alchemy of nature in tandem with the hands that turn the fruit of the vine into the nectar of Napa Valley.


I worked with the architects, engineers and contractors to ensure the medallions fit the spaces and had adequate wall structure for mounting. They are constructed in light weight, durable and fire resistant material. Each medallion varies in size, approximate diameter is 12'. I have a crew of talented artisans to assist me and handle installations.

Additional Information

The architect and cave contractor are sensational designers and allowed me to fulfill my vision. I am grateful for the opportunity to create artwork that enhances a building or place, that engages viewers, conveys a mood, or tells a story.