Four Seasons Hotel Lobby


Client: Four Seasons

Location: Houston, TX, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Joe Gitterman


Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel

Art Consultant

Cynthia Byrnes Contemporary Art


The Four Seasons Hotel in Houston, TX has installed five new bronze sculptures as part of their recently completed redesign. The five pieces are on view in the main lobby lounge, where they fit perfectly into the warm tones of the new decor. The forms take inspiration from Gitterman's Dance series, the flat surface of each piece of metal bending and folding to mimic the movement found in dancers bodies. Each unique sculpture was hand molded out of sheet wax and cast in bronze using the lost-wax process.


The design and goal of the commission were focused on creating a space that welcomed guests. The lobby was meant to be relaxed but sophisticated, and the sculptures lend to that mood.


The Cynthia Byrnes Contemporary Art organization and I worked together to compliment the defining features of the lobby, such as the marble accents and brown leather sofas. It was importance to us all that the sculptures fit naturally into the space while still standing out on their own.

Additional Information

The up lighting the sculptures are strategically on is a feature that heightens their form and patina.