Four Phillies Greats

Submitted by Zenos Frudakis


Client: Philadelphia Phillies

Location: Citizen's Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Zenos Frudakis


Philadelphia Phillies


Mike Schmidt, Robin Roberts, Steve Carlton and Richie Ashburn’s son

Industry Resource

Laran Bronze Foundry


Four 10 foot high bronze sculptures representing Steve Carlton, Mike Schmidt, Richie Ashburn and Robin Roberts. The sculpture of Robin Roberts is painted to represent him as he was seen in black & white photos during the time he was an active player with the Phillies.


To honor four Phillies greats, create a sense of place, and give the fans photo opportunities with these sculptures.


These were sculpted in clay, first as small models then enlarged to 10 feet high in clay. When finished and approved in clay, they were cast in bronze.

Additional Information

Mike Schmidt, Robin Roberts and Steve Carlton posed for their sculptures. Richie Ashburn’s son posed for his father’s sculpture.

Additional information about the Mike Schmidt sculpture. Additional information about the Steve Carlton sculpture. Additional information about the Robin Roberts sculpture. Additional information about the Richie Ashburn sculpture.