Submitted by Ivan Kostov



Location: Bansko, Bulgaria

Completion date: 2011

Project Team

Ivan Kostov

Damian Tomalevski


This sculpture fountain is located at Pirin Golf & Country Club in Bansko, Bulgaria. It was built in 2010 to be an artistic accent in the circular drive in the middle of the development with the vacation residences.


My idea was to create a feeling of free, “natural,” “seemingly chaotic” movement. The diameter of the fountain is 46’, and at its highest, it is 15’. It is made of stainless steel, with some of the elements being mirror polished steel, and the rest, sanded. There are 36 “leaves” of tempered glass, situated at equal distances along the ring, all at the same height, from which water falls in large drops, creating the sound of a gently flowing mountain stream. The water falls into a narrow basin enclosed in two concentric circles, making it possible for visitors to enter and walk through the fountain. In a similar order as the “leaves,” I projected 12 custom-made LED lights made from curved colored acrylic.