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Forged Copper Monument Sculpture-Etiquette Door


Location: Henan, China

Completion date: 2010

Project Team

Sculpture design

Sculpture Artist

Sculpture Manufacture

Sino Sculpture Group


This forged copper monument sculpture named Etiquette Door, is made for Chinese designer which is recognized as the biggest hands by now in the world. It is installed at Henan, China at 2010. We total take 4 month to optimize the design, and fabricate in pieces, another 2 months to assemble the pieces together and with final seamless treatment on-site. This metal sculpture which height is total stand 31 meters (101.7ft) made of red copper with surface patina treatment, the internal structure what we used is Q345B carbon steel. This sculpture has been favored by many customers from different countries.


With the continuous innovation and development of sculpture art, bronze sculpture is more and more widely used in urban construction. For large-size bronze sculptures, we are more likely fabricated by handing forging, which not only can make sure the surface flatness but also reduce the burden on weight.


Design, model optimization, fabrication, surface treatment, packing, transportation, on-site installation.