Forever Blue in Boulder City, Nev. - CODAworx

Forever Blue in Boulder City, Nev.

Client: Donna and Daren Saunders

Location: Boulder City, NV, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team

Sketch and Glasswork

Cathy Shepherd


Hardware consult

Poppy Mussaliem


Johann and Stephanie



Collector/clients wanted to add a sculptural wall piece to their newly remodeled bath area. Being lovers of Cabo I was inspired to create a Huge wave. It’s a 43″ diameter fused glass dynamic piece made of all shades of blue, textural elements and the movement is mesmerizing.


Blues, texture and movement were our priorities as well as size. In order to create this size, I made a 3 piece template which overlapped, but also looked like one piece so the flow is continuous.


I drew a life sized sketch in 3 parts which they approved. Then began the 1st fuse layer of clear, covered with colors and Frits. full fused. Prior to creating the other parts I matched the areas of overlap. Post fuse, I added my textural elements and tack fused for several days. Adhering the hardware was tricky. We had to be exact on heights and overlapping. We also create a template so its easy for the installer!