ForesTree v2.0 - CODAworx

ForesTree v2.0

Submitted by Scot DiStefano

Client: MAD (formerly Mad Studio)

Location: Dania Beach, FL, United States

Completion date: 2022

Artwork budget: $120,000

Project Team

Artist / Carpenter

Scot DiStefano

Scot DiStefano Architect LLC

Chief Creative Director

Roy Husdell



Rodrigo Incera, Rommel Rodriguez and Paco Palomino


CNC Operator

Tait Aptakin



Created as a reception space for @YesWeAreMad, ForesTree v2.0 is the scion of a previous tree sculpture created for the same client. In it’s second iteration, ForesTree took on the added responsibility of being a tree that one could walk through, sit inside, perhaps take a phone call or as a client waiting area. The namesake is based upon the cliche of not seeing the tree for the forest, and inverting that notion to create a forest from a tree – each individual profile is a tree in itself, and as assembled they form a cohesive single tree.


Beyond the fundamental goal of creating a sense of place for an incredibly diversified ad agency, and continuing with the theme of the previous work completed for the agency, the concept was based upon the question "Can we make a tree that we can walk inside of... that can be a waiting area for clients?"


Initially the plan was to relocate the first ForesTree, from downtown Fort Lauderdale, to a new space in Dania Beach and create two more to compliment it. While brainstorming concepts for the new office space, MAD's Chief Creative Director asked the question "Can we make a tree that we can walk inside of... that can be a waiting area for clients?".

Once the design was conceived in 3d form, we worked with the manufacturer of a 2d CNC used for making signs, on how to hijack the system to cut the wood we needed. MAD owned one of these machines and had it in operation in Miami. Their response was, with a smile on their face, "We don't recommend this, but if you are going to do it, we suggest....". It worked. We were able to cut 290 sheets of plywood into 3000 parts that were then shipped to Dania Beach and assembled into the individual profiles.

Additional Information

A team of four worked on the final assembly. One person assembled the 3000 cut pieces into four primary parts that comprise each individual profile. These parts were then brought to the lobby space and assembled in place. During the process we were able to engage MAD's agency employees in the building of the tree, through a very choreographed process that allowed staff, regardless of their construction skill level, to participate in the assembly. The project has been featured in CodaWorx Magazine / November 2022 - Placemaking The project was awarded Runner Up prize by Rethinking the Future - Commercial (Built) 2022 The project was a Finalist in the London International Creative Competition for 2022