Forest Sky - CODAworx

Forest Sky

Submitted by Lanny Bergner

Client: City of Anacortes, Public Library

Completion date: 2003

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Lanny Bergner

Fidalgo Studios


City of Anacortes

Anacortes Public Library


Brad Miller

Miller Hayashi Architects, LLC


The sculpture “Forest Sky” is approximately 86″ wide and 54″ tall and is suspended directly below the library’s atrium skylight. The seventeen suspended elements are made out of cast hydrocal surfaced with blue glass frit, which is glued to the hydrodal with clear silicone. The wire branches are made out of wire wrapped with a heavier gage coated copper wire.


My goal was to create a contemplative work of art that would visually connect the library with the natural environment outside the library walls. The name "Forest Sky" reflected that goal. I wanted the piece to have elements of the sky (blue glass) and branch-like wire projections suggestive of the lush forestlands of Fidalgo Island on which the Anacortes library sits.


I worked closely with the City of Anacortes project manager and the architectural firm who designed the building. I came up with my sculpture concept prior to the design of the skylight and I worked with the architectural firm to design a skylight that best fit the concept.