Client: Bowen links Golf Course

Location: Gowen, MI, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $95,000

Project Team


Robert L Barnum



Logan Wyse

The Studio


FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME was a compelling visual challenge to utilize contemporary metals and traditional metal fabrication techniques to create a large sculptural environment dedicated to the game of golf. By design. The sculpture required a visual implied energy that lived up to the physical spirit of the game. The total sculptural environment that includes six different sculptural elements required a viewer movement design that would address multiple walking and driving views. Content was driven by the energy of the sport and the subtle suggestion of golf as a family sport open to all ages.


FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME is engineered when affected by wind to sway slightly at the top 1/3rd of three figures that stand from the ground up at 24’ high. That physical wind energy I define as kite effect is absorbed in the body plates thus protecting the critical support welds I want the viewer to constantly be inspired to lookup as they travel in and around the 25’ wide circle that defines this complex statement. The use of thick plates of 6000 series aluminum and corten steel common in my work creates an almost zero maintenance need sculpture statement that should last for centuries. More importantly when lit as this FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME is with carefully engineered commercial lights these two metals create an almost jewel like presence that can be viewed at a considerable distance.


FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME stands as a classic example of my artistic agenda to use flat plate materials to create convincing and complex visual environments. The 6 pc sculpture also offers a clear example of my technical goals to evolve through a university level academic concept that I have been building for over two decades titled Aesthetic Engineering fabrication techniques and material use to challenge weather/nature/sunlight effects on exterior public art. Aesthetic Engineering also address the reality that the site and design of the site stand as critical in any exterior sculpture design under my name and with my human story artistic agenda.

Additional Information

FOR LOVE OF THE GAME continues my artistic agenda of seeking ways via art to tell the human story. That goal does not seek a defined subject but more along the lines of a sort of creative diversity. In my opinion do all things in life have an energy? YES! How that energy might be defined is the compelling question.