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Footprints of Fun

Submitted by Chelsea Hart

Client: Windsor Arts Commission

Location: Windsor, CO, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team

design, install mural

Chelsea Hart

Hart Creative, LLC

project manager

Laura Browarny

Windsor Arts Commission


Outdoor mural created for the Chimney Park Pool in Windsor, CO. The City of Windsor hired me to create a playful mural for the sidewalk of the entryway for the public pool. The pool is surrounded by a large park that houses several baseball stadiums.

Size: 36 ft x 18 ft, plus sidewalks on either side of the main mural. Left sidewalk – 6 ft x 36 ft, right sidewalk – 27 ft x 6 ft

Materials: Concrete stain


The goal of this mural was to be vibrant and abstract, adding a touch of fun for the families that frequent this area.


Worked with the Windsor Art Commission on several iterations of this mural. Started with a simpler design, which transformed, after notes from the Committee, into something with more patterns, colors, and detail.

I installed this in four days, working with the City during the process on interviews and photo-ops.