Following the Sun to Reach the Sky - CODAworx

Following the Sun to Reach the Sky

Submitted by Fidencio Duran

Client: Southwest Key Programs

Location: Austin, TX, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $30,000

Project Team


Fidencio Duran


Christina Cantu

Southwest Key Programs

Industry Resource

Blue Genie Art Productions


This mural was a collaboration with Southwest Key and Pecan Springs-Springdale Neighborhood Association. It portrays the school's role in the educational, health, and cultural quality of the southeast Austin neighborhood. The acrylic on canvas was printed and installed to 24' x 24' by Blue Genie Art Productions using Dye Bond panels.


This work celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Southwest Key Programs. The campus was built with feedback from the neighborhood. The mural helped support the school's goal of serving the neighborhood's aspirations of providing a high quality education.


I held several community engagements to gather concepts and goals for the mural. The diverse community was invited to inform me towards the subject matter. When the conceptual drawing was finalized I painted an Acrylic/canvas, 30" x 30" working image. This image was digitally scanned, printed by Austin Images on Dye Bond panels and mounted onto the school wall by Blue Genie Art Productions.

Additional Information

To frame the installation in an integral manner, I left a 2' margin on all sides showing the existing substrate.