Flying Horse Sculptures - CODAworx

Flying Horse Sculptures

Submitted by Jodie Bliss

Client: Private Residence

Location: Colorado Springs, CO, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Jodie Bliss


My name is Jodie Bliss and I am a blacksmith-artist and metal fabricator. I handle everything with my work from design and fabrication to installation. Flying Horse Installation is a series of four horse sculptures. Two horses are in the rearing stance and two are running. The horses were installed in a turn-a-bout area and flow with the direction of traffic. Running Horse Dimensions: 14.5’ x 3’ x 7’; Rearing Horse Dimensions: 12’ x 3’ x 7’. The sculptures are composed of hand forged steel that was shaped, welded, powder-coated and finish painted with a UV protectant.