Fluora Mini - CODAworx

Fluora Mini

Submitted by Color+light


Location: Oakland, CA, United States

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $250

Project Team

Project Lead

Aaron Oppenheimer


Lead Engineer

Jacob Lampack



Part houseplant, part smart light, part digital art-piece.
Make your home the destination with Fluora Mini.
Fluora Mini is the most dynamic smart light in the world.
Like a digital fireplace, Fluora’s incredible variety of feelings, textures, and vibes lead to more memorable moments with your loved ones.
This is our second product on our journey to bring immersive lighting – and the joy it creates – indoors.
The original Fluora has been a massive success, and has been seen in the Wall Street Journal, Mashable, and TechHive.


We wanted to make an affordable home lighting product with a natural form factor.
An elevated and nature-inspired design, combined with our 3D Lighting Animation Engine is the secret sauce behind this.
Every LED on every leaf and every stem is mapped in physical space, creating a true 3D Lighting product with a 360 degree viewing angle.
The result is a dynamic lighting experience that brings any indoor space to life.


Fluora Mini is the second product on our journey to bring immersive lighting indoors. It was created by the engineer and designers at color+light over a 2 year period.

Additional Information

Works like a smart light! Plugs into a normal AC wall outlet, controlled via your mobile phone. Music and Light Reactive, many smart home integrations to come!