Florida Sunset - CODAworx

Florida Sunset

Submitted by Jason Middlebrook

Client: Tampa International Airport

Location: Tampa, FL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team

Mosaic creator

Becca Van K

Jason Middlebrook Studios

Mosaic creator

Carly Disbrow

Jason Middlebrook Studios


Tampa Airport 34 x 28 feet glass mosaic mural installed in their new Blue Express terminal
This mosaic composition was based on a native plant and bird painting that I made during a site visit to the western coast of Florida. All of the species included in this composition were ones I observed and rendered to be included together. My goal was to illustrate a Floridian sunset with common species that can be seen throughout the state, hence making a very site-specific painting that was then translated into mosaic.

The mosaic will seen by thousands of travelers.


I designed the mosaic based on the space I was given, which spans two floors of the airport terminal. It is meant to be enjoyed from either level, and is adjacent to an escalator, which allows for a unique floor to floor experience.


I created the painting, and my studio team of two women brought the glass mosaic to life. They spent one year creating the composition in my upstate New York studio. It was created in puzzle pieces that were disassembled in studio and reassembled on site. We as a trio installed the composition on site during the construction phase of the airport's new Blue Express wing. It took a month to install the work.