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Florida Eco-Stories


Client: UF Health Shands Children's Hospital

Location: Gainesville, FL, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team


Koryn Rolstad


Ponikvar Architects

Industry Resource

Megabytes Digital


Tina Mullen

University of Florida Health Shands Children's Hospital



University of Florida Healthcare – Shands Children’s Hospital, Gainesville, FL

82″ h x 540″ w x 3’ D

Lexan, Digital Images, Aluminum Frames, LED Lighting

Commissioning Agent: UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital – Lobby

Budget: $100,000


Koryn Rolstad Studios' latest installation, 'Florida Eco-Stories' at UF Health Shands Children's Hospital in Gainesville, exemplifies Koryn Rolstad's signature exploration and innovative use of materials to achieve a site-specific visual language with the intent to convey a community voice and iconic appeal. In 'Florida Eco-Stories', two murals, one interior and one exterior, each measure 44' were printed and installed in the lobby and entry corridor. Three layers of digital printed animal imagery create a luminous and dimensional depiction of Florida's four eco-regions: coastal, river, prairie and mangrove, using wallpaper and two layers of digital printed animals, facts, and poetry pertaining to each region were printed on 7' clear Lexan panel surfaces. Slowly meandering LED light programming completes the atmospheric, interactive and educational view for children of all ages. The four graphic elements of water, bubbles, wind, grasses and leaves are repeated on the second mural group, printed on Trespa substrate, along the exterior corridor of the new hospital.


The collaboration between Ponikvar Architects (Gainesville FL) and Shands Director of Arts in Medicine was very close and definitive. Through many layers of presentations, research and development of the eco stories for the 4 regions of Florida a larger narrative formed. It was a suggestion from the Director of Art, Tina Mullen who asked that the graphic images for the 4 regions continues on the multiple colored Trespa panels used to cover the existing brick architecture. This has not been done in the past for this material substrate and we took a great deal of sampling and research for the printing. Finding Megabytes Digital in Atlanta, we were able to print on the substrate effectively and ship to the contractor for installation in a timely manner.

As noted by Tina:

“Our objective in working with Koryn was to create a landmark work of art that not only accentuates the threshold of UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital, but also provides a gateway for a child’s imagination. Florida-Eco Stories engages children at our “front door” through images and words, welcoming them into a space of wonder and healing.”
Tina Mullen
UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine

Additional Information

This project is a remodel of the whole entry lobby and continued the design elements of the mural leaf forms, circles, wind and grasses as part of the interactive children’s zone, the terrazzo flooring and an interactive ‘touch’ video. All continuing the educational and experiential quality of Florida eco regions and entertaining to the families and children using this important facility.