Submitted by Lightband Studio

Client: LVMH

Location: Shanghai, China

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Red Abacus 2882


Derek Wang

Lightband Studio


FLOCK is a glass and light sculpture that portrays pieces of fabric traveling together in flight. Each sheet of fabric is composed of woven glass rods that are manipulated to create a unique texture and form. The glass fabric pieces are suspended in a swarm formation and are illuminated by a custom LED lighting system, imparting a sense of perpetual organic motion. The artwork was commissioned for L'Avenue, a luxury shopping mall and office building developed by LVMH in Shanghai to showcase their brands and house their China headquarters.


FLOCK was designed for the main salon area of the L-Club, an exclusive members-only lounge within L'Avenue. Due to constraints created by electrical and duct work, the commissioned piece was required to fit within a very specific area in the ceiling. The final design also had to appear substantial and luxurious without making the main salon area seem smaller.


All four principals of Lightband Studio collaborated on the design and production of FLOCK. The glasswork was designed and fabricated in-house and the custom lighting system was devised and configured by the studio as well.